Watching my weight go DOWN!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I wreak of chlorine.

Productive morning swim? check. Filling breakfast? Check. FRIDAY!? CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!!

This morning my alarm went off at 5:25 and it took all I had to not fall back into my coma. A friend from work is now going to start swimming with me in the mornings--VERY good motivation to get out of bed. I can't stand her up now can I!? Swimming went well this morning. I swam 800 meters...but still feel a little discouraged when 75 year old men can swim for an hour straight without stopping. I'll get there...soon, I hope. Today was a HUGE milestone in my endurance. The first day I started my training, I literally could not swim half of a lap(probably only 15 meters) free style without feeling like I was going to drown. "warm up" consisted of 100 meter non-stop free style swim...equivalent to 4 laps. I didn't die...and I really didnt feel like I was going to die either. It's amazing how quickly the human body changes if you just push it. And I finally am. Pushing it that is.

Tonight, I am going to the gym to RUN. I really have to keep saying in my mind..."Melanie you LOVE running". Is it ok to lie to oneself? Anyways, its a done deal. I'm doing it. And at this point I have ONE week until the 5k. So if I dont really pick up the pace(literally) in this area, it's going to be bad news bears.

Also, this coming wednesday is the LAST weigh-in for the weight loss challenge at work. I think I have a decent chance to win it...hopefully the scale will be my friend that day.

I'm back in the groove and it feels good. Self-discipline feels like my enemy more days than not, but when embraced, it's amazing the rewards that are reaped from it. That Jesus sure knows what He's talking about huh!?

GO AND ENJOY YOUR FRIDAY!!! But don't use the weekend as an excuse to eat crap ;) (I'm yelling at myself too.)

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  1. Great job with the swimming! I swam in high school (kind of, I was really really bad) so I feel you there! Have you mastered how to do "flip turns" yet? They really save a lot of time the only downside is you don't get any rest! (But I think that is the are supposed to just keep going...) Good luck!