Watching my weight go DOWN!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back.

So this past week has been less than productive. I got pretty discouraged because my friend, caroline, who I was suppose to be doing the triathlon with broke her wrist. :( Obviously, the triathlon isnt exactly what she should be doing with a broken bone! She is still going to be there at the finish line waiting for me. I am thankful for such a great friend! But for some reason when she told me, I got in a rut. I literally felt the motivation leave my body. Right there and then I needed to truly figure out WHY I was even doing the triathlon and getting in shape. Who was it for? I know who it SHOULD be for. But what was I doing? Definitely not bringing glory to God. I gave up and forgot all about self-control and self-discipline. Not anymore. This week I WILL work out every single day. I WILL follow my training regime and I will EAT right. Yesterday I went to one of my friend's son's birthday party...I ate cake, a cupcake, doritos, veggies with ranch, hmm chicken salad on a crossaint!! And man oh man was it good...but I felt so guilty afterwards. As I should have. What was I doing? Anything that might have held me back was gone and on the drive home I really had to pray, Jesus..HELP!!! I felt myself getting back into the same mind set that I despise. The laziness and "i dont care" attitude. SO self destructive. But today is a new day. I am going lap swimming tonight and hubby is coming with!! Yay :) Starting next week I will begin make up for tons of lost time. The triathlon is just two months away. I have alot of work to do.


  1. This may be the weirdest thing to you, but we need to figure out a way to personally...each day...encourage one another. I, too, am doing 2 a days! Hmmm...maybe we can text each other a motivating message! Let me know your thoughts!!!

  2. I definitely had an episode like that Saturday night at a friend's baby shower. You are so right though, if we aren't ultimately doing this for God's glory, what are we doing? My reasons are usually all about me...looking hot in a tight pair of jeans, etc.

    I grew up in Lexington (out in the boonies in Red Bank to be exact) but I haven't lived there since I graduated in 2001. What a small world it is!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)