Watching my weight go DOWN!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I love Butter Rum lifesavers.

THEY ARE DELICIOUS! An older lady that I work with always has them, and she actually bought me a whole bag of the delectable morsels a couple of weeks ago. This generally gives me my sugar "fix" for the day...but I do have to be careful. Four of those babies are 50 calories. Thats a half mile run right it worth it? Most definitely...NO. But they are yummy so I try to keep to 2 a day. Sometimes I splurge ;)

Tomorrow is the 5k!! I am so excited to go down to sunny SC and see my family! It will definitely be a bonding experience...hehe. We need to be at the race no later than 7 am (but more like 6:30 am) and then we will do brunch afterwards. Much fun!! Like I said dad, brother, and I have signed up for running. Now, whether any of us are actually going to be able to run 3 miles is yet to be known...but one thing I do know, is it is ALL mental. Yessiree bobtail. When I stop running on the treadmill, it's not that I physically cant keep's because I mentally don't want to keep going! Tomorrow will be a battle of mind over matter. I want to run that race like it's going out of style. So please keep me and my family in your prayers!! It will be a fun day and hopefully a motivating and uplifting day for everyone. I "ran" my first 5k in August with a few of my girl friends and fell in love with the atmosphere and spirit of the whole race. Hopefully it will be something they will want to continue to pursue. Plus it's for a good cause ;)

Sorry for the randomness today. I took a B12 vitamin a little bit ago and I now feel HYPER..ha. Oh how I love energy. But with energy has come a scattered brain. So my apologies.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


  1. Oh my goodness...I haven't had those lifesavers in years. They are so good!!

    Good luck with the 5K. One of my best friends is a personal trainer. She has always said to me..."mind over matter." It is so true. We can accomplish great things if we simply believe we can.

    Aw...B12...great vitamin :)

  2. GOOD LUCK WITH THE 5K!!! Want to hear all about it so don't wait too long to update your blog and let us know how it went! GOOD LUCK!!!